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Amazon Global Selling (AGS) is currently such a “new-term”. Therefore, the objective is to increase awareness as well as educate VN sellers in order to attract them join in Amazon Global Selling.


When sellers want to reach North America Region, AGS is the only choice for them. In term of offering services, one of the most interesting ones is FBA which support the logistics matters for many sellers. Therefore, we propose an SOCIAL PROPOSITION for AGS VN is “The Best Partner to START SELLING TO NORTH AMERICA”


+18million reach
Achieved over 18 million in total reach for the fan page after more than 3 months of collaboration, with 30 social media posts.
+1.16million interactions
Achieved over 1.16 million in total engagement for the fan page after more than 3 months of collaboration.
Attracted customer participation in inquiries and managed over 700 messages on the fan page.